Friday, August 23, 2013

Do You Want to Win?

In 1936, Dale Carnegie wrote a book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Carnegie’s book was one of the first best-selling self-help books, describing the thoughts and human behaviors that are attractive and influential with others. Carnegie’s premise: If one could understand and master certain thought processes and pattern their personal behavior, they would be on the road to personal greatness and increasing influence with others.

A couple thousand years before Dale Carnegie wrote his book, Jesus Christ taught His followers the best way to influence others and elevate their own status toward greatness in life. Christ’s teaching was (and is) incredibly simple, yet profoundly complex. Christ’s teaching does not require advanced education or super human eloquence in our speech; it doesn’t even require a new suit. What Jesus describes as a way to greatness does require a willing spirit and a teachable attitude.

As we wrap up our current series, Mosaic…finding your place in the big picture, we’ll be examining the essential key to personal greatness as revealed by Christ and making sure everyone has an opportunity to join the race of “Winning Friends and Influencing People”… Christ’s way.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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