Friday, March 8, 2013

Every person you see today has a ... ?

While Serena and I were eating dinner in South Beach this past week, we saw a lot of
“interesting” people walk by, plus a Lamborghini and several Bentleys (it’s a different world down there). My “people watching” hobby kicked into overdrive. As I watched the most eclectic mass of humanity make their way past our table, I was reminded once again…EVERY PERSON HAS A STORY. They are coming from something or somewhere, heading toward something or somewhere else. There are not simply destinations in life; there are seasons and stages of life. I wanted to ask…Where do you live? Are you happy with life? Do you sense God-given passion and purpose in your living? You look sad…are you okay?

Every person you see today, every person you work with, every person at the grocery store, gas station and restaurant, or in your class or neighborhood…EVERY PERSON you encounter HAS A STORY.

This weekend, we continue our STORYTELLER series by looking at Success after Failure. How can something Good come after something Bad has happened?

It’s interesting how many great “heroes” of our faith were used greatly by the Lord after personal failure, or life’s seemingly “Knock Out Punch.”

Redeeming Grace…

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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