Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't miss the "opportunities" this weekend...

Opportunities abound…some subtle, others in obvious fashion.  Worship this weekend is an opportunity to connect with friends, make new friends, allow your kids to learn about God in a fun and interactive way, see if Wilson has on a bow tie or if I’ve switched from long sleeve to short sleeve (sorry, my fashion choices don’t really vary that much)J  Seriously, this weekend is an opportunity to experience the presence of God in your midst, an opportunity to experience hope once again, an opportunity to learn from His Word and hear what He says about maximizing opportunities in life!

I hope you take advantage…Saturday @ 6:00 or Sunday @ 9:30 & 11:15
Pastor Ken

PS.  Don’t forget the opportunity to laugh as we do our own version of the Dating Game…opportunity awaits…one lucky lady, bachelorette number 1.

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  1. Saturday 6pm was one of the most dynamic services we have attended @ Cypress. Music was inspiring. The "Dating Game" a complete laugh-riot. The witness video clip related to the pregnancy decision center was sincere and uplifting. The message and referenced scripture challenged us to conquer our fears. Thank you Cypress for an unforgettable message and evening of worship.